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Please click on the cover below to see song selections, prices, and to hear a sample.

                  United States

Memphis Blues

Welcome to the entertainment capital of the Mid-South

Road Traveler

On the road again...with this energetic collection of road music from around the U.S.


You'll be riding the waves under pure blue California skies as you listen and enjoy this engaging collection. 

Las Vegas!

The bright lights and non-stop action from the entertainment capital of the world is captured in this astounding CD! It's the ultimate collection of upscale, contemporary music demonstrating Las Vegas' classy 4-star style.

New York! New York!

Sophisticated yet relaxed, ... contemporary yet casual, this wonderful CD pulsates with a cosmopolitan sound all it's own.

Atlanta, the city of the Georgia Dome, Peachtree Center, the World Congress Center, a great cosmopolitan feel, and a stroll down International Blvd. are all captured in this great music collection!


This music is the best of New Orleans music developed by the Creoles including ragtime, spirituals, blues, and popular “tin pan alley” music.


New Orleans Cover

New Orleans

Let the good times roll: Hot traditional and modern Cajun and Zydeco music from Louisiana. It's Mardi Gras time all year round!

Mardi Gras

It's Mardi Gras time so grab your mask and go! Great music from New Orleans of many styles; Dixieland, zydeco, Blues. Music that sets a party tone for any event.

Whether it's four on the floor or a Harley Davidson Fatboy, it's the music that makes the pipes sing! 40 minutes of good 'ole rock and roll with some of the best studio musicians in the business!



Music of the regions of Spain, rich in the tradition of music and dance.

SpainA Taste of Italy

The art! The sights! The Taste of Italy!

Under Paris Skies Under Paris Skies

Bonjour! Fly away to the city of love! Hear the beauty of the Eiffel Tower, the Champs Elyses, and The Louvre.

OO-PA! It's the music of Greece! Dance, whirl, cry and shout! What fun your client will have with this collection of 10 authentic dances and melodies.

Italia Italia

Romance, Italian style! Pour the red wine, serve up the pasta and dance cheek to cheek!

Twilight In The Highlands

Enjoy Celtic melodies and sounds of the dulcimer harp.

Celtic Rythms Celtic Rhythms

Put on your dancing shoes! Clog to the exciting rhythms and plaintive melodies of this river dance-inspired collection of authentic songs.




This album features hot arrangements of percussion and horn-based ensembles playing upbeat Afro-Cuban and Latin Big Band Styles.


From the famed Bossa Nova to the sensuous lambada, enjoy the fabulous dance and festive music of Brazil.  Featuring cuicas, Brazilian guitars, and brilliant percussion.

Cuba Hot! Cuba Hot!

This album is so HOT it will light your cigar! 40 minutes of tango, salsa, trumpets and exciting rhythms- authentic sounds of Cuba and Latin America- perfect!

Fiesta! Fiesta

Join in a festival of celebration! Traditional melodies from Old Mexico and South America- perfect for any party or celebration theme.


Direct from Argentina…the Tango! Sultry and romantic! Vocal and instrumental. Dance tempos and styles range from romantically slow to passionately alive.


Sizzling rhythms, vocals, and Latin American dances fill the night air with vibrant energy!

Cafe Marenge

A sizzling collection of Latin dance styles from Marenge to Salsa and everything in between. All instrumental with outstanding musicians.



Hawaiian Paradise

Listen to the tropical sounds of the Hawaiian Islands. Beautiful Hawaiian guitars sweep you away to an island paradise!


Island Memories

Hey Mon! Hey Bolivar! The Caribbean's hottest reggae singer featuring his greatest hits.


Caribbean Holiday

Hear the sound of steel drums, marimbas, flutes, guitars, and the infectious beat of Reggae, Cuban, and West-Indies rhythms.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica, the Caribbean and other Pan American countries are the domain of calypso and raggae, whose seductive tempo lures you to dance, reducing life to a simple, joyful response to the most irresistable beat in the world.

Bon Voyage

Whether you’re setting off on a well deserved vacation or just taking a break at your home or office, this collection of tropical music will soothe your jangled nerves and help you unwind.




The Spirit of Africa's many regions musically portrayed in this interesting compilation.



Asian Crossing

East meets West in this intriquing collection of Asian tonalities and Western ambiance. A musical journey through Maylasia, Indonesia, Mainland China, Hong Kong, Japan and Thailand.

The Middle East

Come to the Casbah! Enjoy these haunting and beautiful melodies, harmonies and rhythms.



Journey to the land down under! Sounds of traditional folk songs, strings, flutes, vocals, percussion and didgeridoo.



Around the World Around the World

Take a musical trip around the world! From Cuba Hot! to Blue Hawaii romantic, your client will enjoy sounds of Japan, Greece, Mexico, Africa, Scotland, and the good old USA!


Our selection of CDs can use any cover from our Optional Covers Collection, or you can use the cover that is shown with the CD.  Click on the CD for music selection information.