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Please click on the cover below to see song selections, prices, and to hear a sample.

Family Favorites

Colleen and Uncle Squaty have been performing, teaching, writing and recording music and movement songs for over 20 years. They perform for schools and family events throughout the Midwest, singing and moving with thousands of children yearly!

Bathtub CircusBathtub Circus

When you're a child, every day is an adventure! A trip to the zoo, a picnic in the park, flying a kite, even bath time becomes a circus in this fantasy world. Terrific for ages 3-8.

Cradled on Wings of Love Cradled On Wings of Love

A collection of lullabies: a tranquil blend of two harps, flute and cello.

Calm Baby Classics

Calm Baby Classics

Coo, cuddle, rock and sleep while baby grows to love the classics. Soothing, calming music arranged especially for little ears.

Sleep My Child

Sleep My Child

A one-of-a-kind collection of Jewish lullabies sung in both Yiddish and English with translations included in booklet.


Skip to my Lou Skip to my Lou

22 popular kids' songs with delightful arrangements

Piano for Little People

Piano for Little People

Children are fascinated by piano music! Enhance intelligence while learning to love the classics! 

Brainy Baby Mozart

The music of Mozart helps baby organize and strengthen pathways for memory, learning language, and spatial perception.

Sleep Time Lullabies Sleepy Time Lullabies

Your baby or toddler will love these soulful lullabies and cradle songs! There are sounds of a baby between each track- conversation for your little one!

Baby Meditations

Beautiful flute music to lull your baby and young ones to sleep. 10 tracks of relaxing, meditative flute music you and your child will fall in love with. Perfect for children ages 0-6.


Our selection of CDs can use any cover from our Optional Covers Collection, or you can use the cover that is shown with the CD.  Click on the CD Title for music selection information.