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Please click on the Title below to see song selections, prices, and to hear a sample.


Lavender Calm

Improvisationalists Peter Phippen and Dr. Arja Kastinen musically fuse to create possibly the most serene, original collaboration of innovative music available today.

Sacred Spaces

Delight in an ethereal, otherworldly sonic tapestry woven by flutes, strings, and crystal bowls by Peter Phippen, Enrique Rueda, Rahbi Crawford


Peter Phippen & Friends have created a beautiful, relaxing and meditative album. Summerland evokes a calm and peaceful musical dreamscape.

Rainforest Realms

World renowned flutist Peter Phippen joins forces
with Enrique Rueda to bring you beautiful rhythms from different realms of the Rainforest.


Hear heartfelt melodies played on a wide assortment of rare antique and contemporary Native American, Shakuhachi, and Bansuri flutes. World flute specialist Peter Phippen sets a quiet mood for reflection and meditation.

FlutesNature Spirit

Sounds of cascading waterfalls, songbirds, blended flutes, and wind chimes combine to enhance a perfectly peaceful environment created by world-class recording artist and flutist Peter Phippen.


Renowned flutist Peter Phippen evokes a relaxing musical environment of soaring woodwinds, serene strings and gentle rhythms to release cares and lift the spirits.

Spiritual Piano

Steven Anderson's Spiritual Piano CD is a vital new discovery for fans of enlightening New Age style piano music

A Peaceful Place

Pianist Neal A. Topliff's album of original solo piano works. He writes, "This CD was inspired by time spent in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area in Northern Minnesota which is one of my favorite places to visit."

First Love

This relaxing CD is Neal Topliff's musical tribute to that feeling you get when you experience or remember your first kiss, a shared sunset, having your first child, or buying that first home or car.

Hopes And Wishes

Pianist Neal A. Topliff's album of original solo piano works. He writes, "We all have Hopes and Wishes for ourselves and our loved ones. We look both forward and into the past to Better Days when we are going through a dark time in our lives.

Northwoods Retreat

Pianist Neal A. Topliff's album of original solo piano are compositions inspired by a Northwoods Retreat and have been written to help you get away from the hectic pace of everyday life, if even for a short time.


This soothing and reflective CD is a tribute to some of the people and places that inspired Neal Topliff to play the piano and to write music.

The Water's Edge

By Pianist Neal A. Topliff, this music presents the many moods of water: a stream, a river, a lake or the ocean.

Up North

This CD is Neal Topliff's musical tribute to those great feelings we have when going to the cabin. Whether sipping coffee on the dock, watching loons on the lake, or building castles in the sand.

Day At The Spa

Sensual, calming music to comfort and relax. This beautiful, healing music is calm enough for massage, and also provides a sound environment for stress relief.


We can create harmony in our lives through harmony in our homes.  The ancient Japanese art of placement is beautifully supported with this CD of music of the spheres.


Lush, laid back melodies for quiet moments. 


Relax with this beautiful healing music.


This collection is sure to inspire and uplift you!

Simple Gifts

Pianist Lorelei Capell delivers inspirational piano performances of compositions that inspire and comfort us, including Amazing Grace, On Eagle's Wings, Holy Holy Holy, Peace Like a River.


The ultimate in relaxation. Light the candles, dim the lights, take a breath and close your eyes. Drift off to a world of beautiful New Age music and wonderful sounds that soothe and heal.

Moments for You Moments for You

Provide a sense of serenity at anytime with these relaxing instrumental melodies!


Enjoy the sounds of harpist Catherine Way as she performs themes from Broadway shows and motion pictures.

Piano Expressions Piano Expressions

Enjoy life's quieter moments as you listen to popular favorites of classical melodies on solo piano. Recordings produced on a concert grand piano by Lorelei Capell.


Reflections is a collection of classic, popular, and new age styles which form an eclectic and beautiful collection

Flight With Angels

Heavenly music that will pick you up and float you away! Lyrical, spherical melodies, cascading harmonies that will bring peace and contentment. Original music for contemplation and meditation.

Piano Romance

A collection of popular keyboard favorites from Andrew Lloyd Webber hits to Sondheim, Debussy, the great Titanic theme and more!

Drift off with the sounds of a spring rainfall, or the ocean surf gently breaking on the beach. Sounds of Our World blended with peaceful and romantic melodies created and crafted by musician Barry Weiss.

Peaceful World Peaceful World

Acoustic world instruments and vocals blend beautifully with percussion and soulful melodies to create and expansive musical landscape.

Yoga Feelings

Paradise (41 minutes) A gentle stillness that calms the mind will help you capture the essence of yoga’s qualities of strength, tranquility and detachment and put you in paradise.

Acoustic MoodsAcoustic Moods

Solo guitar and intimate ensembles will strum their way into your heart with 10 beautifully recorded tracks in the styles of flamenco, classical, mellow guitar.

In the Garden

In the Garden

Music and Nature go together beautifully in this interesting collection of melodies!

Calm Classics

This is classical serenity at its best, and a soothing way to hear and learn the most loved classical themes.  Listen to the beautifully simple keyboard as it softens and calms hectic moments.

Latin Chill

Let the Latin beat carry you away.

Chill Out

Time to let yourself be soothed by this relaxing arrangement of ethereal melodies.

Our selection of CDs can use any cover from our Optional Covers Collection, or you can use the cover that is shown with the CD.  Click on the CD for music selection information.