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Please click on the cover below to see song selections, prices, and to hear a sample.


This lovely mix of classical and regional music is the perfect gift to commemorate any celebration.

Welcome Home

Celebrate your new surroundings as you enjoy this mix of classical and regional tunes. 


Excitement, power and the will to win is reflected on this CD. Full orchestra with driving rhythms and soaring trumpets.

Moments for You


Relax with this winning instrumental exploration of the power and energy of a favorite American pastime—football.

Take a midnight walk, when monsters come out to play. Spooky and scary sound effects with great music.
Peter Cotton Tail, In Your Easter Bonnet and other Easter hits.
Power Golf-Minding the Game

Even the best players, from Jack Nicklaus to Tiger Woods, must deal with their inner thoughts to complete under pressure.  Learn how to control your inner game with this instructional CD and guided imagery full of useful tips and calming music.


Perfect music for a vigorous walk on the path or through the neighborhood.  Heart-healthy rhythms provide enjoyment and support to make it to the finish line! 


We can create harmony in our lives through harmony in our homes.  The ancient Japanese art of placement is beautifully supported with this CD of music of the spheres.

Moments for You

Moments for You

Provide a sense of serenity at anytime with these relaxing instrumental melodies!

Love Songs For Cat Lovers expresses the special feelings that exist between people and their wonderful, lovable pets.
Love Songs For Dog Lovers expresses the special feelings that exist between people and their wonderful, lovable pets.
Sunday Morning Coffee

 Sunday Morning Coffee

Enjoy a cup of your favorite brew while you listen to the distinctive sounds of Brazil and light jazz, blending rhythms and vocals as robust and pleasurable as a cup of Java.

Music for Dinner at Home Dinner at Home

Beautiful background music makes for a beautiful meal! The sounds of fine dining will compliment the simplest of occasions.

Home Cooking

 Home Cooking

Music for chopping, dicing, mincing, stirring, and sipping. This saucy album will inspire the culinary creator in everyone!

In the Garden

In the Garden

Music and Nature go together beautifully in this interesting collection of melodies!

By the Fire

 By the Fire

Beautiful classical selections of the world performed by world-class musicians. Full orchestra, small chamber ensembles and solo pianists.


Our selection of CDs can use any cover from our Optional Covers Collection, or you can use the cover that is shown with the CD.  Click on the CD for music selection information.